- You don't need to agree with me, I know I'm right


So.. How did Lil Wayne do it? Lol.

It’s cos she has a dodgy eye


“I can make anything cool, I’m Kany- I’m Kenny West”

– Kanye West

“They took our jerbs!”

– Zeb Colter

good kid, m.A.A.d. city

Kendrick Lamar - The Art of Peer Pressure


Big Sean X Kanye West


Big Sean X Kanye West

Thrilling Time (From Budokai 2 & 3)

808’s may have had the most impact out of all of Kanye’s albums.


Before it dropped we had never heard anything like it.. after it was released a whole new sub-genre was created.

It definitely had the biggest impact

I hate when i say aloud something I’m thinking